Hello , my name is

Ali Norouzi


About me

This is Ali. I joined the Snappreport team as the operations manager with a background of nearly 20 years of experience in several industries. I initiated my first job as a repair and maintenance specialist and data engineer in National Iranian Drilling CO. Afterwards, I changed my position to Environmental, Health & Safety Manager in the Oil and Gas industry. Recently, I worked as the professional services manager at a safety software company, with responsibilities including overseeing the customer success, implementation, and process consulting aspects of the services team.


2022/2 – Now 
coo & co-founder, snapreport start up company
  • Manage the company’s operations and project implementation
  • Designing and implementing business strategies, plans and procedures
  • Setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth
  • Oversee daily operations of the company (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.)
  • Analysis and interpretation of performance data and metrics
  • Reporting to the CEO on all important matters
2019/6 – Now 
Mud-logging Data Engineer, National Iranian Drilling Co. (NIDC)
  • Supervising and analyzing drilling data and geological specimen
  • Preparing daily reports; Drawing up the well ID and recording all data
  • Predicting the status of drilling operations to prevent potential accidents including flow, loss, washout, etc.
2015/3 – 2019/6
Tool Pusher,  National Iranian Drilling Co.
  • Ensuring the correct and safe performance of all operations the safety of all the staff present on the drilling site.
  • Supervising and performing repairs on drilling equipment and machines on the site and utilizing all capabilities and equipment to prevent halts in drilling operations.
  • Providing all necessary equipment and ensuring their readiness prior to the performance of each operation
  • Supervising, conducting, and participating in all operations and executing operations based on the guidelines given by the company main
  • Performing tests related to Bop Choke Manifold and the related valves based on guidelines and check lists.
  • Providing a dynamic, safe, and stress-free workplace to guarantee the highest level of efficiency.
  • Making efforts to prevent the waste of resources, fuels, and time.
Drilling Rig Operator, National Iranian Drilling Co.
  •  Performing all drilling operations and ensuring the correct method of operations by the drilling team

  • Examining the site of work and making the workplace especially the rig floor safe; Preparing reports on work shifts and informing the tool pusher about it.

  • Assisting, training, and leading the drilling team in all operations.

Air Drilling Expert, National Iranian Drilling CO
  • Carrying out computations for preparing the required foam for drilling of gas wells

  • Repairing and maintenance of air booster on the well site

  • Examining and supervising the conditions of drilling fluid to prevent potential accidents including loss and flow;

  • Ensuring the best specifications for quick progression of drilling operations


B.Sc., Oil and Gas Well Drilling Technology, Technical Faculty of National Iranian Drilling Co. (NIDC), Ahvaz, Iran.
Associate Degree, Automotive Mechanics, Mohajer Technical Faculty, Isfahan, Iran.


Report card of the course on AC and DC electricity generators, The Railways of the Islamic Republic of IRAN, Tehran, Iran
IWCF (Basic, intermediate advanced), Faculty of Drilling of National Iranian Drilling Co. (NIDC), Ahvaz, Iran
Report card of the course on planning and control of project expenses, Faculty of Drilling of National Iranian Drilling Co. (NIDC), Ahvaz, Iran
Management of organizational behavior and leadership competencies, Technical Faculty of National Iranian Drilling Co. (NIDC), Ahvaz, Iran